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About LisaOnTheGo Magazine

I have had my fair share of difficulties throughout my lifetime and work on healing and learning about me every day.

I have experienced difficult relationships, divorce, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Abnormal Liver Enzyme Gene (I don’t metabolize medicines), MTHFR (gene), GI issues, sleep apnea etc. Great news, I have learned most of my health issues could be from the MTHFR gene and currently learning.

In my life family, friends, and professionals give their interpretations, opinions and judgments on who they think I am, what I am doing wrong, or better yet, tell me - to deal with the side effects of medicines and that there is nothing wrong, or it’s easy to shape up and lose weight, just do it!

Why listen to someone else, when you know what resonates with you and what feels right for you? No one knows you better than you. That’s how this magazine started, you can learn and perform for you.

The Healing Your Emotions to Empower You, digital magazine is coming along and LisaOnTheGo is asking for your love, support, and patience.

My passion and compassion has been learning and healing throughout my life. Most of the activities and tools in Healing Your Emotions to Empower You, digital magazine has helped me with healing and growing and I felt this needed to go public to help me learn about me and you learn about you.

I wish these tools and activities were available during her my earlier years. Through the process of life, I have a better understanding of me, believing in me, trusting in me, loving me and knowing I have choices.

Children, Teenagers, Adults of all ages will benefit: Be the best you could be every moment, every day, every week, every month, every year by performing, listening and/or learning with the tools, activities, videos in Healing Your Emotions to Empower You, digital magazine.

Everyone has drama and stories. What I have learned are the emotions that I carry from my drama and stories that affect and impact my life.

Healing Your Emotions to Empower You, interactive, digital magazine started because I learn and learning that healing my emotions everyday empower me to a better me.

You INSPIRE me to EMPOWER you.

The goals and results with this awesome interactive, digital magazine is Healing Your Emotions to Empower You:


— Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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