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Ritual - Letting go of the old emotional you & celebrating the new empowered you

I designed this ritual to allow us to let go of what no longer serves us, it doesn't benefit or help us any longer. and we choose to change. This is exciting to acknowledge through... — Updated 9/17/2020


News, Gossip, Rumors

LisaOnTheGo SAYS NEWS is informative, events, stories to share that others find useful, keep us safe, enjoyable or could help others. New Events Worth Sharing GOSSIP and RUMORS = A... — Updated 9/16/2020


We are our thoughts

 — Updated 9/16/2020


Celebrate your Birthday

It's Your Birthday - Take the "Me-Time" TODAY Today is the day to Celebrate YOU Connect with someone you haven't spoken to in a while, meet up for fun, let someone know you're... — Updated 8/27/2020

Forgive Yourself & Others, Find Your PEACE

The LISA Method - Signature Method

Emotions are feelings. We all have Feelings and they're not right or wrong. It's US, it's who we are. Feelings, direct us in our reactions or responses; in our judgements,... — Updated 8/25/2020


What is Bitchology?

is proud to be a "bitch" lol and love it. Why when we are true to ourselves we are then criticized? Why can't we be who we are and not be labeled? Does labeling dictate who you... — Updated 8/11/2020


NEWSLETTER, August 2020

Hi Everyone, Wow, LisaOnTheGo Magazine has launched and going well. Thank you!!! We have awesome self-empowerment articles, videos, quotes, photos and spiritual meanings. Helping... — Updated 8/11/2020


Breaking Free from Critical Addiction -

Our #1 Social Disease Critical addiction, a social disease we catch from others, is the underlying cause of all addictions and most social problems. Yet it sweeps our world unnotice... — Updated 8/11/2020



(come read, watch or listen) Now looking back this is so true for Winnie the Pooh and the gang. Wow, to be truly accepted for who you are, what could that look like? I have met... — Updated 8/11/2020


Inspiring Others with Patricia Gallagher

Patricia Gallagher offers programs on the topics of her books and a variety of inspirational topics. She holds a BA from Villanova University and an MBA in Finance from Saint... — Updated 8/11/2020


Writing your affirmations

Are you lost in life? Overwhelmed? Overworked? Errands, errands and errands. No time for you. Who and what are you? Come write your affirmations and remind yourself you are... — Updated 8/3/2020


Are you your authentic self?

Getting to know your Authentic Self is a Process. Life could be so busy and overwhelming with work and children there is little time for ourselves. The first weekend LisaOnTheGo... — Updated 7/27/2020

Take the Pause from Life

Take the pause from life

 — Updated 7/13/2020


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