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The gang knew and loves Eeyore for who he is. They always included him; yet have no expectations of him changing and accept Eeyore for who he is.


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Now looking back this is so true for Winnie the Pooh and the gang.

Wow, to be truly accepted for who you are, what could that look like? I have met people they tell stories, hide things for being in fear of other judgments. What if we allowed people to see our genuine selves? Who we are, our authentic selves: loving, kind, caring, supportive, smiley, giggly, has fun etc and in addition to what we are how; we dress, makeup, clothes, jobs etc. People to know us, understand us for who we are. I call this being at peace and surrounded by love.

Do you have an Eeyore in your life?

We could learn how to motivate them. Most of the gang is upbeat, energized and fun. It appears they allow Eeyore to voice his concerns, understand where he is coming from, appreciates and acknowledges him. However when the friends carefully, gently explain the benefits in what they are doing, most do conform. This is awesome for Eeyore he is understood, loved and included. Acceptance of who and what he is!

We could all be so lucky! Have a great day. LisaOnTheGo


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