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Forgive Yourself & Others, Find Your PEACE


Emotions are feelings. We all have Feelings and they're not right or wrong. It's US, it's

who we are. Feelings, direct us in our reactions or responses; in our judgements, interpretation or opinions.

Some feelings impact us more than others – What about the feelings that are energized that surround us? The ones we don't understand; What do our feelings mean for us? Example: an argument with someone and afterwards, you're trying to make sense and understand it and can't.

When this happens to me, my ego mind does the continuous self-talk and I'll talk to others about the story and drama for a different perspective. Sometimes this works and other times it doesn't. The LISA Method is for those times when the ego mind keeps going with no resolution, the self- talking and feelings of emotions that the situation, event or occurrence is unresolved for us to move forward.

I am talking about those times where the emotions surround me. They keep coming and going, like a roller-coaster with no release, relief or letting go. I talk, cry, laugh, angry, sad, frustrated, etc.

This gives the situation, event, occurrence the power and has me feeling victimized. This needs to change, but how?

What do I do, I am not understanding these feelings or why? The one day this was happening and I was sitting in my living room and having a time with myself.

The emotions I was having on a particular situation were intense, not leaving, causing conflict within myself. I was emotional and this went on for a few weeks. This one day, I said to myself enough and sat with all the emotions and The LISA Method was discovered and processed.


Finally, a resolution, I calmed down, stopped the conflicts, emotions stopped, self-victimizing stopped. I understood my feelings, then came the feelings of release and relief, WOW, and WOW, I understand the bigger picture. This drama was a long journey for me. Now I can take actions and heal.

The Lisa Method has me EMPOWERED and I took the power back over the situation.

The Lisa Method has been used many times by myself and others.


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The Lisa Method had me understand my feelings in the situation. It gave me the answers and all the stories, drama and emotions stopped. Now I was able to respond, take actions and heal.

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Forgive Yourself & Others, Find Your PEACEThe LISA Method Video - Signature Activity


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