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It's Summer - Take the "MeTime" this Summer Season

Connect with someone you haven't spoken to in a while, meet up for fun, let someone know you're thinking of them, let someone know what they mean to you.


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Yes, we are in the midst of the Covid19/Coronavirus and yes, most everyone's structures and schedules have changed. This is why the "ME TIME" is important now. It's to remember you, remind you who you're amidst everything going on. Pamper the one you love. I understand it's difficult to take time away from life, however, an hour or two here and there to do for you. This helps us to refocus, refresh, rejuvenate and appreciate us.

Take the "MeTime" and be with someone that has influenced, impacted your life.

Spend time with you, take a walk, buy something you have been wanting (not need), go someplace that means something to you (beach, mountains etc.)

Take the "MeTime" that makes you feel spiritually connected, whatever this means for you

Take a Self-Care, Self-Love Time, get a massage, reiki, a soaking bath, do what self-care means for you.

Take the "MeTime" that has you feel loved by you and for you

Take the "MeTime" For You Today

I had a great, fun, time this week taking the "MeTime", Now it is your turn. 

This week I took the "MeTime"

I had a massage,

took a walk in nature and

spent time with a person that has influenced and inspired my life.

Love, Laughter & Peace, stay safe, LisaOnTheGo


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