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Ritual - Letting go of the old emotional you & celebrating the new empowered you



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I designed this ritual to allow us to let go of what no longer serves us, it doesn't benefit or help us any longer. and we choose to change. This is exciting to acknowledge through this ritual and acknowledge what you have learned about you and the weaknesses and strengths to make a difference in yourself.

This ritual is EMPOWERING and has you feeling inspired, empowered, a wow-factor that you're making conscious choices of who you want to be. Growing up we were never asked who do you want to be, what do you like about you or don't, we were told by others and their opinions. I find this ritual to be exciting to recognize we get to define who we are and who we want to be by acknowledging ourselves and changing.

For this ritual you will want the following items:

1. a white candle – symbolizes purity and light, cleanses, promotes healing and removes negativity, the flame of life

2. essential oils that are in a carrier oil, LisaOnTheGo used, Lavender, Off-Guard, Peppermint and orange. This resonated for me and safe for pets. Use what resonates for you.

3. A list of attitude, beliefs, and actions you have or want to let go of this is the old you

4. A list of attitude, beliefs and actions that you have or want to bring in and be the new you

5. A creative project that reflects the new me and branching out to new paths, draw a tree of a remembrance, memorial of the old me

CELEBRATE - in with the NEW and OUT with the old – what part of you is no longer serving you? what don't you like about you anymore an attitude or belief that you want to let go? What relationships aren't working for you any longer? The relationships that are draining you, negative, you can't do anything right and it's time to change the relationship. or let them go. Family relationships appear harder to change, walk away from or let go because they're in our lives. However you have choices for example: you don't stay as long, talk as long, stay away from specific topics and subjects, don't lend out things, etc

Depending on the circumstance, events or situation you make the choices of what the changes are or when they arise you choose the changes. Maybe take your time, take the life pause and listen within to what you're willing to do or not do. It's what resonates for you, it's about you for you.

we all change, our beliefs, our attitudes, what we want and don't want and times of changes, no matter how small or tall, we bring in new thinking, new wants, new ways of doing, letting go of an attitude, bring in or closing doors on a relationship, changing careers, and with each of us being different the list goes on and on.

Letting Go of the OLD and Celebrating the NEW . This ritual acknowledges you and you get to learn about you. What matters for you? Life teaches us in time or in the moment we feel those emotions, how we are feeling and we get to decide to change.

This ritual gives us the time to choose what we want to change; an attitude, what we believe or taking a different action this is what makes us who we are.

Celebrating YOU -

Let's get started –

Light the candle. Then focus your energy with the following breathing pattern: Breathe in to the count of four, hold for the count of four, exhale to the count of eight. Repeat three more times.

Be thankful and appreciative while acknowledging letting go of your old self. This old self was a teacher for you and for you to learn that no longer benefits or serves you.

Write a list of attitudes, beliefs, and actions you want to let go. Sounds easy, it's not and you don't realize until you start making the list. Start with looking within yourself, take the time to write a detailed, specific list, sit quietly, go for walk, sit by a lake whatever has you in your peace to look within for you to give you the time to you to contemplate and write your list.

LisaOnTheGo's List

1. Not to react

2. Take the life pause when I am in a situation, occurrence or event

3. Stop taking things personally, it's not always me and see the mirror the other person is showing for me

4. Discernment – asking myself is this for me, is it my business, does this involve me, no, then LET IT GO

5. Disengage from others negativity, bullying, controlling ways

6. Eating unhealthy foods

7. I stopped a habit

8. Walking or moving away from drama -

9. Others don't come first. I do! mentally and monetarily

10. Letting of others that no longer serve for my highest good,

Write a list of attitudes, beliefs, and actions that you want to bring in, live with for the best interest and higher good. Sounds easy, it's not and you don't realize until you start making the list. Start with looking within yourself, take the time to write a detailed, specific list, sit quietly, go for walk, sit by a lake whatever has you in your peace to look within for you to give you the time to you to contemplate and write your list.

1. Others that inspire me, make me laughs, more playful, conversations that helps both of us grow

2. Being in my inner peace

3. Stop taking others personally and letting it go – in the big the scheme of life I won't remember it in a month

4. Using less words and allow me to feel the emotions that I have and I am learning this is more powerful for me and does has the same affects and in essence I am letting go, drama free and feeling good about me

5. It's okay for others to be angry with me this doesn't mean I did something wrong actually in my world it means others did

6. Not taking on others energies what emotions they feel, my only responsibility is to me and my emotions

7. I am Finding things I like to do, learning about me, that has me laugh, have fun, walking tucker, magazine, zooming with friends and family (its covid time), talking with my family/friends, seeing the family

8. I like the tv series travelers, shrill, shameless, Grace & Frankie, Anne Gables, the crown, greys anatomy, station 19, the voice, American idol, the good place, the crown, good girls, little fires everywhere, orphan black, Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City

9. New people that have come into my life and coming into my life that inspire and EMPOWER me to a better person

10. Tucker the dog and Gracie the cat – they bring me joy, fun, peace, laughter

Do a project take an action to remind us of who we are example: draw, paint, buy a plant, a shell from the beach, a special rock etc.

This activity is important for you to acknowledge what you want and what you want to go let of and bring in. it gives the feelings of renew, release, relief, and understanding you. I just said this morning to a friend, we were raised to listen to everyone else, parents, principal, teachers, bosses and we did, in truth they don't know us or what's right for us. This exercise reinforces what we don't want, the negative part of ourselves and what we do want, who we are, who we want to be by our standards and choices. Come learn about you and do this activity and walk away feeling amazing, empowered, more confidence, understanding who you're that you're an awesome person, and your own bff that you're with 24/7.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

Letting go of the old and embracing the new


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