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Healthy Food, What?

UPDATE on Wait, your Weight


Last updated 9/15/2020 at 1:18pm

Hope you are having a great day. UPDATE, on Wait, your weight? You are not your weight. However we know I am struggling with my weight, lets talk.

IMPORTANT LisaOnTheGo has been on several national weight loss program and recently lost 25 pounds, and was losing her hair by the clumps, nails breaking and intermittently getting the shake ever so often, feeling achy and not well. Enough was enough and I went off the program put back on some of the weight and my hair eventually came back, nails grew, shakiness left and and feeling better overall.

So what happened? It appears not enough protein in my diet, however what others call protein doesn't work for me. All nuts are protein, taste awesome and I loves them but for me these are empty calories and don't sustain me. Now what? I decided to move forwards and to design my own eating program, weight loss program. I have learned from the national organizations to eat every few hours and this is important. What I also learned from all professionals in this area that no one really knows what is truly healthy foods. I have heard most of my life these are healthy foods: eat grain cereal, watermelon, apples, bananas, berries cabbage, asparagus, spinach chicken, eggs etc, no wait these are unhealthy foods, eat this much of this food, no eat this much of this food and feels no one knows because there is no absolute.


Wow, this looks like a fun to place to go and have fun

A billion dollar industry and no one knows the truth in a combination of foods. I feels if the professional/experts truly knew the healthy foods that were absolutely known then there would be a daily menu, calendar that would be in place, vitamins, replacement supplements would not be needed. This is what has come forth for me that vitamins/replacement supplements are needed because no one knows the true answers and that having vitamin/replacement supplements in moderation people feel better and blood work results have better results. I believes in someone supervising the amount and types of vitamins and replacement supplements.

Today, my goal is to count calories and to eat protein, salads, fruit, vegetables and fitness.

Have a great day! Stay Safe, Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo


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