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Wait!, Your Weight?

Wait! Your, weight? is not who you are? LISAonthego, how many times have you been judged on your weight?


Last updated 9/15/2020 at 1:16pm

LISAonthego says her weight is not who she is; she is so much more. Our weight could be lifelong, temporary, recent changes and changes during our lifetime. We are all shape and sizes but this isn't who we are. It is an appearance, physical body of how we dress, use make up, perfume and wear our clothes. This is our physical external selves.

People feel they're entitled to judge and criticize us and let us know their opinions and judgments because they feel could and entitled too. It's time for others to stop expressing their opinions and look past the physical body and see the person for who they are.

This is not who we are, it is what others think we are, so then, WHO ARE YOU?

You don't know who you're? Me neither, it has taken ME TIME and learning everyday about me. My AFFIRMATIONS workshop is awesome and helped me on my path of who I am. Come write yours today.

I am my own best friend, love and like who I am and a beautiful, caring, loving, supportive person who loves to be around people, knowledgeable, have fun, laugh, love to work to and write inspirational/motivational talks,

I feel media is the main culprit in telling us our weight is who we are. In recent years realty shows are helping to change this persona. Some of these shows are My Big Fabulous Life, Shrill, This is Us (Kate Pearson) and the Biggest Loser. On My Big Fabulous Life, I enjoy Whitney's persona she is outgoing, funny, great laughs and a great outlook on life, an inspiration to others. The Biggest Loser shows us we are not our weight and huge transformations that take place dropping weight but again it is not who we are, what we feel, it is our physical facade.

The Biggest Loser is showing us that dropping the weight are often gaining the weight back. Why? Because it's not who we are. When we learn who we are and how the weight resonates in our lives then permanent changes could be made and sometimes not. If you are all about appearances you are missing out on who people truly are and the gifts they have to give.

For today let's look at people for who they are, how they make us feel, what we like about them and not what you see physically. Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, Stay Safe, LisaOnTheGo

AWESOME VIDEO, LisaOnTheGo saw this video by Colbie Cailat, beautiful voice, spectacular video and loves it... and LISAonthego's response is wow, it's detailed, informative, and about accepting you for you. THANK YOU COLBIE CAILAT, WELL DONE!!!


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